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GFRC Explained - Learn the Basics of GFRC

Watch this video to learn the basics of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). We explain the different components, mix designs and the proper techniques needed to create high-quality GFRC. The benefits of Forton® VF-774 are also explained in great detail. Learn about the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute's standards for GFRC and how to apply them to your project.

Smooth-On Concrete page

Forton® VF-774 webpage:

Forton® VF-774 Technical Bulletin:

Read the 20 Year Durability Paper:

Make It Now! with Smooth-On

Adult Supervision Required
Keep Out Of Reach Of Children
Mark Vincent Cocjin : I'd like some advice on my spiral staircase design. It's a helical stair and is only attached from the first step and the last step to their respective floor slabs.

I would like to make modular GRC moulds for the poured in concrete. With the exception of the tread, it will serve as the finish itself. I know it's going to sound complicated, but that's the design intent. I would like the modules to be really light enough to handle but strong enough to serve as the external surface. This is why I thought of GRC.
Muhamad Fajar : Please subtitle in indonesian language
Anas Chahbouni : Please I need the formulation
john anderson : That was nothing short of outstanding... Thank you
Clemtonian G. : Thanks for this. Great vid.
Eddie Zakaryan : I am interested in your product vf744. Where can i Buy it? Also in the video you have a table with amounts of each material, but there is no units. When you say: 100 Portland Cement, 85 Silica, 24 Water, 10 VF774. Do these numbers mean volume? Can you please explain? Thanks!
Andrew Cox : Just facts banged out one after another. Awesome primer.
Julek Szczawinski : Great video: We based in Dubai and we have an F&B interiour fitout company. Due to the crises we are experiencing I'm seriously thinking of slowly moving away from our core business of F & B interiors to producing custom concrete furniture and countertops. I have a lot more studying to do and if you have any tips on how to start this kind of business it would really help..
be2the4out : WAUW! :) can I buy your goods in The Netherlands? adres? tnx
Walkertongdee : Too bad we can't get portland in my country I would like to do this.

GFRC Masters: Casting a Kitchen - Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Tips on how the pros cast a GFRC Concrete Countertops using Trinic's GFRC Admix. Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete)
Phillip Pettit : Nice work
Been doing my homework..
Flip that over
I want to see the finish
I am having trouble getting a smooth finish
Mitchell Giebler : the best

How to Make a GFRC Concrete Countertop With Our DIY Semi-Homemade Mix Using Cement, Sand & Admixes

Make your own (GFRC) concrete countertop mix using locally purchased Cement \u0026 Sand with admixes from Buddy Rhodes. Download our concrete countertop mix recipe ($15) -

Download our concrete countertop mix recipe.

We like to use one bag of face coat mix from Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products because its clean, sifted and easy to spray through a hopper gun. We use locally purchased cement \u0026 sand with Buddy Rhodes admixes for the rest of the countertop. There are a few benefits to using local products:

#1 - Shipping a bunch of 50lb. bags across the country is expensive.
#2 - Bagged mixes have a much shorter shelf life than the admixes.
#3 - It's easier to tweak the mix when you are using raw ingredients with the various Buddy Rhodes Admixes.

Planetary concrete countertop polisher:

The Brass Faucet from the video:

Our podcast, Hacking Concrete:
My favorite tools \u0026 camera gear

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Our concrete companies:

DISCLAIMER: The links in this description \u0026 mentioned in this video might be affiliate links. If you buy a service or product with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission (no additional charge to you). Thank you for supporting this channel!

#gfrc #concretecountertops #concretebenchtops
Roberts Podgaiskis : super
Adam : Looks good, except one of the finished counter tops has a chip right in the center on the front edge!? ouch..
systemspike : Nice video , is there a reason for not casting in one part around the sink ?
Or just ease of moving and install
Phillip Pettit : Best one i have seen yet..
I am having trouble getting the smooth of a look
Thomas Rudder : WTF Was this for? Promotion? This was not instructional nor any help in any way for a DIY concrete counter top. Hey nice job dudes. Slap yourself on the back and get on with your happy selves.
LucasBDC : for a large Island countertop using GFRC no metal structure is necessary inside the concrete? I have seen other DIY concrete methods were a metal wiring is added to the core. Yours till now is the best looking countertop by far !!
-MEJOR-QUE- NOSTRADAMUS- : 1 inch Thick CounterTop Gonna Get Broken As Soon As You Make Pizza Dough or Make Meat Soft With Hammer.
Iago Reis : Why to use muriatic acid? cheers from Brazil.
Nick Joslin : How much does the concrete contract after it cures? If I pour a 24"x48"x1" slab, will the dimensions change substantially once the concrete has fully dried?
Dilay BERBER : Hi. good job, congratulations!What is your fiber rate? I am curious about the content of your contributions.




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