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New Beetle - How To Remove Center Dash

This is a Tutorial to how to remove the Center Dash Console in a New Beetle 1998 - 2010 including the convertible. Made in a Volkswagen New Beetle 2000 1.8 Turbo with Leather Seats. The Heater seats is only available with the leathered seats option.

Este es un tutorial de cómo remover o quitar la consola central de tablero en un (Volky) New Beetle 1998 - 2010 incluido el modelo convertible. Realizado en un Volkswagen New Beetle 2000 1.8 Turbo con asientos de cuero. Los asientos calentables solo están disponibles con la opción de asientos de cuero.

Tools / Herramientas
- Torx T20 Screwdriver or Ratchet
- Flat Screwdriver

New Beetle Evening meeting ニュービートル 夜会

VW New Beetle - Front Strut Assembly Replacement

Changed the front struts and bushings in the beetle due to loud thumping while driving. The design is weird having a big rubber bushing that will overtime distort the shape from the weight of the car on it, causing a gap between the top hat of the strut to the strut tower. You can purchase the rubber bushing and bearing as a kit if that is all you wanted to change, which would save money, but I decided to also change the strut assembly also since the car already has 150K + miles. Hopefully this video helps you.




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