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Misugaru: Korean Multigrain Superfood Protein Powder Shakes In 4 Ways (미숫가루) [HEALTHY SHAKES]

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Misugaru is a classic Korean drink that consists of a variety of roasted multi-grains turned in super fine powder. It is enjoyed as Healthy Protein Shake from little kids to grandparents. Misugaru is Korea's ultimate Super Food drink that is loaded with protein and it has been around for centuries. AND it is super yummy in taste with its naturally sweet and nutty fragrance. (No, it does not taste or smell like peanuts.) It smells like a freshly toasted bread...SO YUM! Also, it does not have that "industrial-grade taste" of many protein powders on the market, leaving you that weird and heavy aftertaste. Misugaru, on the other hand, makes you wanting more because of its smooth aftertaste.

Today's Misugaru video recipe will cover:
- A brief overview of Misugaru
- Four different ways of enjoying Misugaru shakes: Protein Shake Recipes

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강태빈 : Can this also be used as a protein Shake after working out?
강태빈 : And to think I was only using this to make 죽 cause I hade no 쌀가루ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Morgan Brandy : I first tried misugaru as an ice cream flavor and thought it was incredible! They added crushed oreos. Then I bought the powder to try in it's original form. Is it healthy? What grains is it made of?
Morgan Brandy : Can I use the bowl and spatula used to make matcha tea?
jen ramos : Hello Helen! I’m new to your channel and i’m loving your videos a lot. Very informative. I came across this video for the misugaru drinks. I love matcha green tea and I was wondering if it will go well with it. Thanks a lot.
min zhong : hi, the misugaru powder does it have sugar inside ? Thanks
Johnny : Food babies! LOL I think I have twins right now
Ash Qr : I just picked it up on my Asian grocery shop haul it looked very healthy and I was thinking of ways of incorporating it in my kids drinks. Thanks.
I do have a question in regards to maxim Instant coffee I have been drinking the red one but I want it more darker and less sugar which one do you prefer.
toni enchalotti : thanks for the informative video on misugaru!
Eliza Grace : This channel somehow wound up in my autoplay and I couldn't be happier! I love Korean food and I've learned a few things watching you.

Meet Misugaru - Korea's Meal Replacement Drink

►View written recipe : https://futuredish.com/misugaru-koreas-meal-replacement-drink/
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Today, we wanted to show you how to make Misugaru (미숫가루). This is known in Korea as a superfood drink - and often drank as a meal replacement in the mornings. Let us show you the perfect ratio of ingredients to use!

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Future Neighbor : If you want to try Bangyudang's Misugaru (from Gwangju Province), you can get it here: https://gochujar.com/products/bangyudang-misugaru
Chase M. : Had to comeback to this video after buying and making this. I'm addicted now. Its so good. And it really does taste like cereal milk.
Trystan P. : This sounds so good. I wish I could visit Korean some day, you have the best food in the world and it's recipes like this that prove it! :)
devi Amrita : This reminds me of the drink my mom makes here in TamilNadu, India called "sathu mavu" just means healthy powder or paste .
We buy it or make it home by roasting and milling it at home or a local grinder...
Morgan Brandy : With a shaker, does the milk go in first? And should we warm the milk then add it to the shaker? And can I use the matcha bowl/whisk to make it?
J X S : I like Misugaru in my coffee ..
melonsodagirl : I just got my order in the mail and am having it for breakfast in my shaker bottle. It is SO GOOD! I hope it keeps me full till lunch :)
sofiah g. : i hope you could make more korean cafe drinks. ❤
AururaB : Thank you so much for this video. I've gotta tell you my story:

I went to my favorite local Asian Market yesterday (lots of variety there) after I watched your video and looked for Misugaru powder. I couldn't find it, and the Employees I asked help from didn't know about it.
This morning I decided to take my time and slow-dry some of my sticky rice in the oven (about 200 degrees for 15-20 min at a time) on a parchment-lined flat pan. In between times, I took the pan out to pull the clumps into smaller bits so that they could dry faster as the rice roasted. I also roasted regular and black sesame seeds on an iron skillet (with just a few small drops of almond oil - I was just afraid to damage the pan by using it dry) till they were dark and their aroma was clearly noticed.

Now, I have a classic, 600W NutriBullet food blender. It's as close to industrial-grade food processing that I have, but it worked so well! Took some work, though, had to grind things down several different times, but it became a fine, coarse clump near the processor blades as I went, and there was the Misugaru! Crumbled the clumps down and dried the powder out on the same parchment-lined pan. Made the drink mix as you've instructed here in the video. LOVE IT!! I'm so very proud of myself. It took patience more than work, and I have enough for at leas 9 different servings beside the one I'm enjoying right now!
Claudia's Cove : So im living in Africa...can i have some items shipped here??

미숫가루타는법, 저만의 황금비율 알려드려요!

요즘 여름철이라 미숫가루 많이 먹는데요. 간단하지만 저만의 비법은 아니지만 맛있게 먹는방법 알려드려요^^
바보개 : 와...저 이 레시피로 방금 타먹어봤는데 솔직히 말해서 기대안하고 마셨는데.. 와아아 와와 진짜ㅠㅠㅠ적당히 달달하면서 맛있네요ㅠㅠ 한번 먹기에도 적당하구요! 꼭 타먹어보세요 다들
Jolly Tank : 감사합니다!!
밍밍밍 : 미숫가루 추천해주세용
H P : 맞어요. 꿀넣으면 대박 맛있죠. 설탕 보다 건강에도 더 좋구요.ㅋㅋ 내일 두유사서 타 먹어야겠네요. 우유 소화 안되면 두유도 좋아요. 더 무거운 느낌은 있어요.
ᅳ이지 : 당신 취향이고 미숫가루 황금비율은 걸죽하게ㅡ이지
개굴잉 : 마지막 침기름 한방울!
김양미 : 미숫가루 맛있네요. 우유에 시리얼 먹고나서 남은 국물 맛나요.
김다희 : 너무 맛있게 잘 먹엇습니당~!
Oka Megumi : I will refer to your movie!!!
Thank you good movie.
한성규 : 우유 100g당
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