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Acai - Brazil’s super berry | DW English

Açaí is the most popular fruit found in the Amazon region. The berries have also gained an international reputation as a superfood. Employing sustainable methods to raise and harvest them helps protect the rainforest, and also makes business sense.
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jamon falin : for those ones who may not know, all Acai are organic coming from brazil they all grow in the while, don't buy expensive one claming they are organic couse they all are.
A C : Acai is very powerful anti inflammatory. My ankle has been hurting for months. I bought a container of Acai berry juice. I drank some of it and the next day noticed that the pain in my ankle was no longer there. I will forever attempt to have on hand Acai berry Juice in my possession. If the Lord says the same.
Patomaluco Bebado : Açaí é mto bom !
Sir Marcus 'Ninguém' Santana : Parabéns pelo trabalho da DW!
Makkise : kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk' é muito engraçado ver brasileiro dublado

Acai Berry Health Benefits: Everything You Should Know About this Superfood

This exotic berry with a deep purple color is one of the superfoods that you should be excited about. It’s loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals that provide plenty of benefits for your body.

The acai berry is from the Amazon jungle. Since the berry itself is highly perishable (must be consumed within 24 hours), us here in America opt to take it in powder or juice form instead of the actual fruit.

It is filled with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, electrolytes, plant sterols, fiber, amino acids, trace minerals, and the B vitamins. With regard to its specific vitamin content, acai berries possess manganese, vitamin A, copper, iron, thiamine, calcium, and magnesium.

So what exactly will you be getting with regular consumption of the acai berry? Plenty! Here’s a list of all the treats you’re in for:

- Better skin
- Improved brain power
- Controlled appetite
- Healthy weight
- Well-functioning digestive system
- Lower risk of cardiovascular issues (stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure)
- Diabetes protection
- Cancer prevention
- Painful menstruation prevention
- Protection against harmful free radicals

Of course, before consuming any type of food (be they superfood or not), it’s always a good idea to consult your primary physician to be sure.

To get into an in-depth discussion of all the health benefits acai berries have to offer, click here to add to your knowledge on this wonderful berry.

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Corrin Jade : This whole time I was pronouncing it wrong. Anyway, I subscribed, these videos are educational and uplifting, and I’m enjoying them. Thank you.
Could you also do a video on Goji Berries?
Healthy Lifestyle : Its surprising how people have not heard of My mom loves it for regular detox. Also, remember to follow a good diet too.
January Saint Louise : Naka bili ako sa grocery lang po meron na po yan available depende po sa location niyo.
Saya Gachapon : How to Reduce Glucoses ?
Bing Mota : San po Kaya pede makabili niyan??

Acai: Nutritional Facts, Health Benefits, Recipes, and More!

Acai is a "superfood" that's still making as strong of waves as when it first started hitting the US markets (remember that?).

Today, Acai continues to be a sought-after product for its nutrition and health benefits + it makes a wonderful ingredient for tons of recipes and more! Our video is an overview of Acai.

You'll learn just about everything there's to know about Acai from what it tastes like and its nutrients to how it's helpful for mind, body, and soul. You'll also get some neat ideas for eating/drinking it, and other fun ways to add Acai to your diet.



Kiro888 : Obrigado!!! THANK YOU! for saying the name correctly of Açaì (Ah-Sah-Eee) not the american way of UHKAI...or AHSAY..Ackee....UHsay...and all the other ridiculous ways they say it. They learn to say the French things right like Croissant (kwa-song)....why not learn the right way of other countries. THANK YOU!!
iFillet : Im so tired of this what is a "earthy flavor" fors ur food taste like dirt?
GING VON MEIJER : I am drink açaí smoothie s
GING VON MEIJER : Bla bla bla
That one dude… would be my brother : I drink acai juice




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