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PHP Tutorial (& MySQL) #28 - The Explode Function

Hey, in this PHP we'll take a look at the explode function - and how we can use it to turn our comma separated list of ingredients into an array of ingredients instead.


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PHP Tutorial 20 - Explode (PHP For Beginners)

The Explode function will allow you to split a string up by the string that you declare. So you could split a paragraph up into sentences by splitting it by a full stop or even split a sentence up into words by splitting it by a space. This video will show you how to explode a string and then access each string stored inside arrays.\r
For more information, check out the website:\r

PHP Explode & Implode Function Tutorial in Hindi / Urdu

In this tutorial you will learn php explode and implode , join tutorial in Hindi, Urdu.You can learn how to convert a string into array with php explode function and how to convert array in string with php implode function or join function in hindi.

PHP Tutorial in Hindi Playlist

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